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Dont sell us shit, Tell us how to make IT>

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They may teach home abortion methods. dunno. [Oct. 19th, 2006|05:25 pm]
Dont sell us shit, Tell us how to make IT>


The Doohickey Project Will Present An Evening of Abortion Options,
Reproductive Freedom, and Sexual Health. All Genders Welcome.

Where: The Ironweed @ 98 Grand Street, Albany NY 12202
When: Sunday, October 22nd, 7pm. Call 518-429-8233.

The Doohickey Project, on a nationwide tour, is a group with a focus on reproducfive health, abortion access, and options. This evening will include a playful workshop about anatomy, physiology, and look at abortion options. Doohickey will present an amazing puppet show that links abortion struggles to all other struggles, including battles for racial justice and gender liberation. Workshops on reproductive parts arid function then set the groundwork for understanding conception, menstrual cycles, arid
fertility. The abortion options workshop is a look at how clinical abortion is threatened and inaccessible to many arid will provide an
overview of what choices we have. Want to learn about herbs and other options? Want to start a local DIY health collective? Want to get to know your own body better? Come join in this important discussion. Let’s work together for reproductive justice.

Disclaimer: This will not be a forum for discussing the ethics of abortion. This will be a safer space for people of color, transgendered
people, and those that have had abortions. If you compromise their or others’ safety and comfort, you will be asked to leave. Doohickey and LPC are not experts on these topics, just passionate about them. We believe that sharing information and supporting each other is an empowering way to grow and learn.

Movie Possibility: We may also be showing a movie about the “March for Women’s Lives” or “jane”, a movie about an illegal underground women run abortion clinic in the 70’s.